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The Borough of Mieroszów I located in one   of the most interesting and picturesque regions  of Lower Silesia. Its main centres are the town  of Mieroszów, and the former climatic spa of Sokołowsko. These towns are surrounded by seven villages (Golińsk, Unisław Śląski, Nowe Siodło, Kowalowa, Rybnica Leśna - Kamionka, Łączna and Różana). The location in the border area between Poland and the Czech Republic created an opportunity of opening three border crossings: the road border crossing Golińsk-Starostin, the railway one Miroszów-Mezimesti and the tourist one Łączna-Zdonov. The vicinity of the border makes the borough an ideal starting point for trips into the Czech part of the Sudety Mountains. Access to some larger Czech towns and cities, like Nachod or Prague, is also relatively convenient.

Welcome For some time now, the Borough of Mieroszów has been linking its future with the development of tourism and recreation. Numerous projects aiming at broadening the  existing infrastructure and tourist facilities are under way. Various cultural, sport and recreational events are also an important element of the positive image of the Borough that is being sought. All the efforts are aiming at the tourist potential of the region being fully used, and its beauty properly presented. The Borough of Mieroszów is a perfect place for those interested in active forms of spending   free time, as well as those who seek the peace and quiet, in close contact with nature. The truly exceptional natural and scenic assets, as well as the systematically broadened tourist offer attract ever-growing numbers of visitors.


The uniqueness and specific features of the Borough of Mieroszów go back to its interesting and often turbulent history. The characteristic location on the border between the Polish, Czech and German influences has always been the inspiration of important events, and has marked the directions of the settlement's development. The co-existence of the three mutually inspiring cultural circles has had an enormous influence over the region's past and present. The historical atmosphere can still be felt today, and the Czech and German influences can be traced in numerous places. The beginnings of the settlement in this area date back to the 12th century. The first historical settlement centred around the Radosno castle, whose ruins have been preserved until this day in the vicinity of Sokołowsko. Traditionally, the construction of the castle has been attributed to Duke Bolko I. The stronghold overlooked the busy communication and commercial tracts going in the direction of Świdnica, Kamienna Góra and Krzeszów, as well as the Czech town of Broumov. Those tracks met on the area of the present Borough of Mieroszów. Starting from the 14th century, the administrative functions of Radosno were gradually taken over by Mieroszów, whose location profited from the economic boom in the Czech and
Silesian border area. The development of the settlement lead to its being granted the civic rights in 1326, from whence it has been playing the leading role in the neighbourhood. At the beginning of the 16th century, most of the local settlements and villages were included in the premises of the Książ castle, owned by the Hochberg family until the 19th century. Those were times of prosperity, with considerable economic advances. The area flourished in the 1720s and 30s, with numerous weaver shops being founded and imposing tenement houses with ornately adorned façades were built. The way the Borough looks today is heavily endowed to the architecture from that period. The buildings are very characteristic and adds unique charm to the neighbourhood.


In late 19th century, the area flourished as a  health resort and a tourist centre. The climatic station became the main spa and tourist centre, and in time, the facilities of the Sokołowsko (before 1946 - Gorbersdorf) health resort took over this function. The specific micro-climate of the town has always been related to its location in the centre of the Kamienne Mountains, and its pure natural environment. The developing demand for spa facilities marked the character and development direction of the village for many years to come. At the initiative of dr. Herman Brehmer, the first in Europe lung disorder treatment hospital was founded here. That put the village on the map and earned it a good reputation. It was Sokołowsko that later became a standard for such famous health resorts as the Swiss Davos or the Polish Zakopane. In the 70s, the number of bathers grew systematically, and new sanatoria were created. Among those, the dr. Rompler hospital, whose facilities still exist and function, deserves a special attention. At the beginning of the 20th century, Sokołowsko was a health resort widely known in Europe, and the most modern one in Silesia. Today, after the years of grandeur, there is a number of interesting facilities that have been preserved. These are mainly balneological institutions, sanatoria, villas and guest houses. Of those, the building of the former dr. Brehmer balneological hospital "Grunwald" is among the most interesting. It dates back to the late 19th century, lavishly designed, and represents a range of variations of the Neo-Gothic. Sadly, the building requires a thorough renovation. Strolling parks created by some of the largest spa facilities also testify to the place's past grandeur. Apart from interesting architecture, numerous monuments and sculptures, they featured diversified and unique specimens of flora. At presents, efforts are made to bring them back to their former splendour.

Sokołowsko - the Silesian Davos

The charm of Sokołowsko put a spell on many renowned personalities. The last notable inhabitant of the place was the film director Krzysztof Kieślowski, who spent his childhood there. It was the image of Sokołowsko, among others, and the specific atmosphere of the place that influenced his later creations.


The tourist attractiveness of the Borough of Mieroszów is shaped mainly by its natural scenic magnificence, as well as the favourable micro-climate. The landscape of the region is shaped above all by the mountain ranges of the Sudety Mountains. These include the Kamienne, the Suche Mountains, as well as a part of the Stołowe Mountains called the Zawory. The hills are relatively high, with gentle slopes. The peaks offer vast views on the numerous and deep valleys and ravines covered with thick forests. At the southern foot of the Kamienne Mountains, a winding valley of the Ścinawka river can be found. The beauty of the scenery can be discovered and re-discovered anew with the changing seasons of the year. The floral blanket covers and hides some of the places in spring and autumn, but makes them visible in winter. On the other hand, the autumn and spring can make some of the areas truly enchanting. The diversified flora and fauna, with numerous interesting plant and animal species also add to the area's charm.

This is our natural environment

The unique natural and scenic features, as well as the clean natural environment have resulted in the creation of two protected areas in the Borough of Mieroszów. The first one consists of the Kamienne Mountains, the primal range of Mount Lesista, and the environs of Sokołowsko. The latter covers a part of the Stołowe Mountains, situated in the Polish and Czech border area. Apart from the unique scenic and natural features, these two areas also possess crystal clear air and perfect conditions for active tourism.

Winter sports

Tourism and recreation Among the many tourist and recreational attractions, the winter sports centres deserve a
special place. In the past, apart from the spa facilities, it was skiing that developed most dynamically and attracted most tourists. Sokołowsko, with the neighbouring complex of ski lifts in Andrzejówka near Rybnica Leśna is an unquestionable winter capital of the area. The downhill and cross-country skiing facilities are systematically modernised and develop relatively fast. The Borough features six ski lifts of diversified level of difficulty. The slopes, with the artificial snow facilities, are also suitable for snowboarding. A special downhill semi-tube shaped track for snowboard fiends is of particular interest. The cross-country skiing trails coincide with tourist routes, and have been designed so that one can reach and admire the most interesting places. The total length of the cross-country skiing trails is over thirty kilometres long. The location of Sokołowsko in the centre of the Kamienne Mountains makes for the snow cover remaining there very long, often until mid-March. Each skiing season peaks with the skiing events attracting crowds of participants. The oldest and most renowned of those is the Bieg Gwarków Skiing Race that has been held here since 1978. It is an international event and is very popular also with Czech skiers. winter sports


It is also worth mentioning that there is a possibility of going for a ride over the area on a motor hang glider. Paragliding courses under experienced instructors are also available, so you can try your hand at this kind of challenges. The feeling of soaring in the skies is a truly unforgettable one, as are the views of the neighbourhood from the bird's perspective Aviation-related extreme sports have been developing dynamically and effectively in the last years. The Borough of Mieroszów possesses conditions for this kind of sports that are considered unique on European scale. During the season, which lasts for most of the year, the view of a glider or a paraglider soaring in the skies has become a characteristic feature of the landscape. Aeroklub Ziemi Wałbrzyskiej Mieroszów gliding field

Tourism and recreation

The image of the Borough is enhanced by the well-developed network of tourist trails and public footpaths. The network has been designed so that it offers diversified opportunities as to the level of difficulty. The trails are ideal for hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding or cross-country skiing in winter. The trails will lead you to virtually any part of the Borough and its surroundings. Thus, the beauty of many places is easily accessible and properly presented. Tourist shelters are and integral and innovative part of the network of tourist trails. Norwegian-inspired constructions are an embodiment of the Scandinavian idea of constructing facilities melting into the natural surroundings. These facilities perform many functions related to tourism and recreation. They can be used as shelters for the night, starting points for excursions, or viewing points. They are suitable for all kinds of open-air meetings and camping out. The areas featuring these facilities have become the Borough's landmark.


The Borough of Mieroszów also possesses appropriate catering facilities of diversified standards. In this respect, it is Mieroszów and Sokołowsko that have the most to offer. Facilities in Rybnica Leśna and Kowalowa are also worth mentioning. In most cases, the facilities are appropriate both for individual tourists and for organised groups of all kinds. Some can also act as educational and recreational centres. Hostels, guest houses, agro-tourism,

Attractions and facilities
- "Grunwald" spa house of dr. Brehmer from the late 19th C. Ne-Gothic (at present - under renovation)
- Orthodox Church from 1900. Renovated and restored for liturgical purposes in 1996. Richly decorated with icons and paintings inside. Next to the Church, there is Michał Borucki's Slavonic Gallery.
- Ruins of the Radosno castle from the 13th C.
- Our Lady Queen of the World Church from 1883.
- The Olszamowski family gallery of sculpture, paintings and ceramics.
- "Biały Orzeł" (White Eagle) hospital, former sanatorium of dr. Rompler from 1874.
- Wald-Quelle - stone monument with a relief from the turn of the 19th and 20th C.
- St. Elizabeth House, former Willa Elsa Guest House.
- Gertrude's Seclusion with Herman's Cave
- "Ogród Zimowy" (Winter Garden) Photo Gallery
The list of architectural monuments in Sokołowsko consists of the total of nearly 50 buildings.
- Smith's shop with tools from 1769 (Różana)
- St. Jadwiga's wooden church, together with a wall and a belfry, erected around 16000 (Rybnica Leśna)
- Wooden Inn from the early 19th C. (Unisław Śląski).
- Market Square with its classical architecture of imposing tenement houses
- Town Hall from 1829
- Tenement House No. 27 form 1734. Rich Baroque with Corinthian-type palastrade, and stone sculptures on the roof and parapets.
- St. Michael's Parish Church from 1574. The present edifice was reconstructed in 1601, in later years, its Baroque outlook was shaped.
- Catholic school from 1574, rebuilt in the early 19th century (at present - a meeting house)
- Court building from 1905 (at present - K. Kieślowski Junior High School)
- Tenement house No. ľ erected in the late 16th century, with relics from the late 15th C.
- Baroque Vicarage from 1745.
The list of architectural monuments in Mieroszów consists of the total of nearly 200 buildings.
Major regular events
Active recreation on the womb of nature
. "Pod Kyczerą" - Meetings of national and ethnic minorities
. "Folk Blues Picnic"
. "QIOSKADR" - Amateur Film Review
. Days of the Mieroszów Region - June
. "Bluestrada" music workshops
. "Kieślowski in Sokołowsko" - Philosophy and film meetings
. Paragliding Cup of the Wałbrzyskie Mountains
. Bieg Gwarków Ski Race
. Bieg Skalnika Ski Race
. A. Ciepielewski and T. Groń Memorial in Giant Slalom
. Polish-Czech Bieg Mieszka I Dobrawy Street Race
. Uliczny Bieg Jeża (Hedgehog Street Race)
. Bike Marathon in Mountain Biking
. "Sudeckie 11 stki" International Football Tournament
. Czarek Miłosz International Volleyball Tournament
Towarzystwo Rozwoju Sokołowska
(Sokołowsko Development Association)

The Sokołowsko Development Association was founded in 2000 at the initiative of the inhabitants of Sokołowsko and persons liked somehow with the town. The aim of the Association is to restore the former grandeur of the former health resort. The main areas of the Association's activity include the promotion, inspiration, representation and protection of the local community's interests. The Association strives to achieve the objectives mainly through the sphere of
tourism, culture and protection of the natural and scenic features of the neighbourhood. The Association cooperates very closely with numerous domestic and foreign partners. The Borough of Mieroszów plays a major role among them. A number of national and international events is organised as a result of such cooperation. Since the beginning, the Sokołowsko Development Association has been an active animator of the cultural life and the organiser of a few events of national and international range. Plain air concerts under the "Pod Kyczerą" Meetings of National and ethnic minorities, or the "Kieślowski in Sokołowsko" Philosophy and Film Meetings are gradually gaining in importance and attract ever growing numbers of participants, becoming at the same time vital elements of the region's image creation process.

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